We’re preparing for a new chapter in our lives. God gave us certain talents and abilities and wants us to use them to serve Him. And so, we are headed to Thailand! But we may not be what you’d consider “traditional” missionaries.quote
Our hearts were stirred as we read this book.

It was that challenge to do something now to further expand God’s kingdom – to get involved with what He’s already doing in the world that caused us to seek God’s will for what He would have us do with the gifts and abilities He has given us. Our goal was to find a place where both of our skill sets would be useful. After much research and prayer, the best fit became evident. And so, we are heading to Bangkok, Thailand!paradise

Thailand is a beautiful country of beautiful people. White sand beaches, waterfalls, and exotic golden temples are just a few of the attractions. The Thai people are notoriously friendly and have earned Thailand the nickname “Land of Smiles.”

Yet, the land is also covered with a spiritual darkness. 92% of the population is Buddhist, and for many Thai, their religion and nationality are inextricably linked. This severely impedes the spread of the Gospel.

We’ll be working at a Foursquare Missions International (FMI) World Base in Bangkok. The World Base has several aspects of ministry that support the growth of the Thai church. One of these is an English Language school that currently has around 700 students and only 4 full-time teachers! April will use her teaching experience to serve there.

Jason will be using his media and design skills to improve the communication between the missionaries in South East Asia and the American church. With blogs, website design and video projects, he’ll bring awareness to what is happening in Thailand as well as other parts of South East Asia. We believe his talents will be a much needed resource for this region.

While working there, we hope to build friendships with the Thai people we’re in contact with and be a testimony of God’s love to them.

Will you join us in this adventure? Our goal is to depart this spring. To make that happen, we need to raise $29,600 (or $2465/month) to cover the living expenses and airfare of our year in Bangkok. Your prayer support is also extremely valuable to us. Please consider how you’d like to be involved.

You can donate. You can subscribe. You can pray.

We trust that God has called us and that He will provide the resources for us to go. Perhaps you will be part of how He does that!

We are so grateful for your friendship and we look forward to hearing from you!

Jason and April Ruggles