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Posted on 19. May, 2010 by in Thailand

I guess it’s been almost 2 weeks since we arrived in the US!  It sure doesn’t feel that long.  Just to keep you up to date, here’s some of what we’ve been up to…

1. Sharing with Churches

Last weekend we were privileged to share with MapleGrove church in Michigan.  Tonight we shared with The Warehouse (Life Bridge’s youth group), and this Sunday we will be sharing at Life Bridge at the morning services and an evening reception…

For those of you in the Fort Wayne area, we’d like to invite you to join us for a reception all about Thailand!

When: 6:30pm, Sunday, May 23

Where: Life Bridge Church, 12719 Corbin Rd, Fort Wayne

This will be the most in-depth presentation we’ll give about Thailand.  We will share some, you can see some of the videos Jason produced, there will be time to ask questions, and of course, refreshments.

(And for all you LOST fans… the last episode doesn’t begin until 9:00pm.  We’ll get you home in plenty of time for that :))

2. Traveling

We spent a couple days in Beijing on the way home, which was neat.  We spent a lot of the time comparing China to Thailand.  But we also got some great pictures (which you can see here).  San Francisco and Los Angeles were our other stops before landing in Michigan.

3. Visiting Family and Friends

In San Francisco we spent time with Jason’s sister and family, and their new kittens :).  We also saw some friends in LA.  Our week in Michigan flew by with all of our visits with friends and family.  It was so nice to catch up with so many people!   And now we are in Fort Wayne for another week of visiting… and holding babies 😀

4. Debriefing

The purpose of our visit to LA was to “debrief” with FMI.  We met with the staff at headquarters, talked about our experience and what we should expect as we settle back into American life.  They were extremely understanding and encouraging.

5. Eating

Yes, food. :)  It has been fun to eat so much American food.  And everyone we’ve been with has fed us so well!  Hopefully we’ll still be able to fit into our pants after all these visits 😉

6. Job Hunting

Not fun, but necessary.  Currently we’re looking for graphic design positions for Jason somewhere in the midwest.  We’re interested to see what God has in store for us next… :)

7. Praying for Thailand

We’ve been talking about the Red Shirts in Bangkok for awhile.  At first they were very peaceful, but recently things have erupted.  There was some violence before we left, but nothing compared to what’s been happening since.  Apparently the leaders of the movement have turned themselves in, but there are extremists who have continued their protests by setting fire to various buildings in Bangkok.  And there have been fires set in other regions as well.  Several provinces are under 8pm curfews, and the public transportation system has been severely impaired.  Here’s an article detailing some of the latest.

Please continue to pray for Thailand

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