Food Friday: Roti

Food Friday: Roti

Posted on 26. Mar, 2010 by in food, Thailand

I am about to introduce you to what is probably the most sinful Thai street food available. Are you ready for this?

First, clear your mind of all ideas of Indian flat bread dipped in curry…

Second, imagine your favorite greasy carnival dessert that you only indulge in once a year at the local fair…

Third, add bananas and sweetened condensed milk…

Good, we’re getting close.

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to….


Alloy mak mak!!

Alloy mak mak!!

This is the Thai version of Roti. And while it is Indian in origin, it’s not what you’d get if you ordered roti at an Indian restaurant. I guess it’s more like something called “maida paratha” (at least that’s what Wiki says :) ). We had a dish called “roti prata” in Singapore that was made in a similar way, but savory.

In Thailand, Roti is a dessert. You can order it plain, have some kind of cream or jelly smeared inside, or get it the best way… filled with banana. The dough is pre-made, and already divided into small balls. The vendor takes two of those, smashes them together, and then stretches the dough until it is impossibly thin. Then it lands on the very oily frying surface, and he pours on a banana/egg mixture he already put together. He quickly folds in the corners of the dough, making the creation look like a square envelope. It fries and he flips it until it is brown and crispy on both sides. Finally he cuts it into squares, drizzles on sweetened condensed milk, and sprinkles it with sugar. Too bad I can’t blog a smell, because it smells SO GOOD. And, it tastes amazing, too!

Check out this website to see the recipe, and to watch a video of a street vendor making roti.

What carnival food will you be indulging in this summer?

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  1. Brook

    26. Mar, 2010

    Dang it you guys! Now I have a midnight hankering for a roti!

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    26. Mar, 2010


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  3. Laura

    08. Apr, 2010

    Mmmm… that looks so good, April!! Definitely might have to make some… the video was very informative! 😀

    Now, can you find a recipe for Romanian “gugosh”? 😀

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