Red Bangkok

Red Bangkok

Posted on 15. Mar, 2010 by in Thailand

The international news pouring out of Thailand is all about the “Red March” in Bangkok.  Basically, thousands of rural Thais have poured into Bangkok to protest the current government.  If you’d like to understand the background of all of it or know the latest, check out the Bangkok Post or The New York Times.

Both sides (red and government) are pledging to keep things peaceful and not cause any violence.  But both sides also seem to think the other side might cause violence.  From what I can tell, neither side wants to be seen as the “bad guy” and most likely the first one to start violence would be seen that way.  At the same time, neither side is willing to back down, so I’m not sure how it can stay totally peaceful.

The weekend was very quiet, with many people staying home.  Traffic was so light!  Bangkok residents are mostly annoyed with the demonstrations, and somewhat fearful. Where the demonstrations are, schools have been closed, bank branches have closed, and traffic has been blocked.  My students expressed concern for how this would further damage the Thai economy.

Where we live in Bangkok, we are far away from the main sites of the protest.  There is nothing of political significance in our area, so we haven’t seen any red.  We’re keeping a close eye on the news, however, just in case.  And, we’re not taking any trips downtown. :)

Please pray for Thailand.  Pray for resolution to this struggle and wisdom for those in power.

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  1. Brad Ruggles

    17. Mar, 2010

    Wow, that’s crazy. I hadn’t heard anything about that. I’ll be praying for a peaceful resolution to this conflict and especially for safety for you guys and everyone there.

    We love and miss you guys. Hope to be able to talk soon on Skype – it’s been so long!

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