Kids at Risk

Kids at Risk

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Months back we visited Elpis School in Maesot. We told you a little about it, but only being there a few hours we didn’t have the full story to tell you. Yesterday I ran across this letter, written by one of the Filipino missionaries that run the school. It gives a more thorough picture of what they’re up against…

The eyes of the Lord is on those who fear on those who hope in His unfailing love…Psalm 33:18 … Our Bible verse for Elpis School; our vision is to give the children hope .. for them to have better future .

In times like this, all we can do is really to hope in His unfailing love.. Because we know that it is God himself who called us to take care of these children. He sent us for them to find Him and for them to have a hope and future.

Does this future mean when they reach 15 and can write, read and have sufficient knowledge, then their parents who abandoned them will just remember they have a child and will show up to get them and send them to Bangkok?

We are getting discouraged but still standing on God’s promises . We are here because God has meant us to be here- to rescue- but we are praying for His great power to be manifested so we can battle this vicious cycle of sending the children to Bangkok. Every time the children are taken away, our hearts are broken and we always pray and cry that they will be well and not end up in Prostitution or anything dangerous.

But something different must be done… we put up the vocational center hoping it will generate funds for them but we still need more professional help to make it work and people to patronize our product .

1. Faith House
Do pray for Pyupwewin our most intelligent child she had been crying for days and everytime she cries bitterly it break our hearts. Her dream is to study and be professional or even to be a doctor. But her grandma wants her to work In Bangkok as a rice seller so she can send money to them and support them. She was abandoned by her mother. Her grandma raised her until she ended up in our school and our shelter house. She didn’t know her Mother until she came last week and told her she should go to Bangkok. She came with two smaller children from her second husband whom she divorced again. We already lost several students because of this. The Paw karen (people group) just entrust their children to our shelter house and get them when they are big enough to be smuggled out to Bangkok to work. we desperately need your prayers that God will divinely intervene.. that God will powerfully work on our behalf that Pyupwewin’s Grandma will agree to let her stay here and let her study . Pray that we can have something for her to do.

2. Pray for Blessing Center
We have a center and we have been working hard so it can generate funds for the future of the children and to support them. Pray for more customers in our coffee/ice cream shop. Pray that we can have many people that will come and study English. We are willing to teach and work hard so the center can generate income and we can hire our girls after school. We need more ideas how to produce crafts and many products that are unique that the children can sell. We are praying for people that will help us market our products.

3. Pray for Elpis School
It’s our exam week. Pray for wisdom and good health for the children that they can do good in the exam .. Pray for the teachers as well.

4. Pray for us Missionaries
Pray that we can have more empowering form the Lord . We won’t be discouraged but stand on God’s promises and pray that we will seek God’s presence more so we can along side with you will have the victory .

In Christ,

Roselyn E. Sanchez, Elpis School, Maesot

Taken from– Missions East Asia National Support: a ministry committed to connecting Americans with national ministries.  You can give to Elpis School through them.  See details here.

Here are some of the faces of these precious children.  Thank you for praying.

maesot-june-23_0532 maesot-june-23_0531

maesot-june-23_0200 maesot-june-23_0303

maesot-june-23_0256 maesot-june-23_0174

maesot-june-23_0316 maesot-june-23_0291

maesot-june-23_0179 maesot-june-23_0274

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    thank you for posting. This helps us spread the word about the ministry in Elpis.

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