Staff Retreat

Staff Retreat

Posted on 07. Mar, 2010 by in Thailand

Last week we loaded up a van, 2 trucks and 2 cars and headed to the beach.  Now, if you ever plan to take a road trip in Thailand, make sure you figure in a few extra hours for getting to your location.  It’s not the kind of road trip many of you remember from childhood, where restroom breaks are less than 5 minutes and everything you are allowed to eat is already in the cooler.  The traveling is part of the fun of the trip, and there will be plenty of stops to enjoy.

Anyway, we went a few hours south of Bangkok to a National Park.  Once we arrived and unloaded onto the beach, our travel wasn’t over.  We proceeded to load our stuff into a boat (stop imagining a dock- we had to wade in to load our stuff!), and then hike over the hill to the secluded beach where we would be staying.  For two nights we enjoyed the fresh air, the sounds of nature (and outdoor movie night… and the occasional boat) and fellowship with fellow church members.  The point of the retreat was to rest, reconnect and communicate between departments about what’s been happening over the past year and what we’d like to change in the future.

In addition to beach time, we took a hike to see a big cave and we had a ramen party!  Have you seen those cooking competitions on tv where you have to create something with the mystery ingredient?  It was basically like that… but with ramen noodles.

Quality family time :)  Enjoy the pictures!

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