Food Friday: Morning Glory

Food Friday: Morning Glory

Posted on 19. Feb, 2010 by in food

A lot of people have the mistaken idea that Thai food is healthy food. I guess it can be, but quite often it’s not. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining! Especially in the case of this week’s post – Deep Fried Morning Glory with a spicy seafood dip.

Morning glory is a flowering “viney” plant… and from what I hear, technically illegal to grow, import, possess, or sell in the U.S. – not because of inducing any altered states (although the seeds are a mild laxative), but basically ’cause it’s a weed.

But once you dip the stuff in a tempura batter, throw it in a wok of oil, and pull it out hot and crispy you don’t think about any of that other stuff. Hands down, this is one of my favorite Thai dishes. And the dip is just as good! It’s a mixture of squid, shrimp, chili peppers, ground pork, red onions, tomatoes, lime juice and fish sauce (it could have more ingredients, but that’s all I can pick out).

Anyways… that’s what I have for you this week. If you ever have the chance to try this, do it!

A plate at our local restaurant

A plate at our local restaurant

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  2. Cherith

    19. Feb, 2010

    The dip sounds a little to “fishy” to me. But anything fried!! I’ll try it :)

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  3. Dad and Mom Ruggles

    20. Feb, 2010

    The dip sounds great and spicy.Mom and I would try it.

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  4. Kassie

    21. Feb, 2010

    That dip sounds very yummy! The species of Morning Glory is probably Ipomoea aquatica, or water spinach, swamp cabbage, water morning-glory, etc. Its a Federal Noxious Weed in the states because of how aggressively it grows (very invasive) and can choke out waterways and kill all other aquatic life very quickly. But it looks delicious!! Is it the whole plant? (Vine and everything?) I have had fried day lily buds…which are delicious as well. :)

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