Answers, Part 3

Answers, Part 3

Posted on 23. Jan, 2010 by in Thailand

Q. What would you say were the times you most felt ‘in step or in connection’ with God? What would you say were the times you felt least ‘in step or in connection” with God?


The best times have probably been when we’re able to talk with people about the ministry happening in this part of the world. We came with the vision to document the story of what’s happening to keep the American church informed and involved. When we’re doing that, it feels like we’re fulfilling the vision God gave us.

We also feel connected to what God’s doing here when we worship together with our Thai church family. Especially during a special worship night. We sing some songs in Thai, some in English, but we’re all worshiping the same God. Feeling that connection with God and His family here is pretty awesome.

I guess when culture shock/homesickness is hitting hardest is when it is difficult to feel connected to God. Somehow you start saying to yourself that if you’re doing what God wants you to do it should feel easier. Of course that’s not true, but under the influence of wacko emotions due to culture stress, it’s easy to think such things.

Q. Do you think you will make any short or long-term lifestyle changes as a result of your year in Thailand? If yes, what & why?


This year will definitely impact how we live our lives at home. The challenge will be to keep it fresh so that it will continue to impact our lives.

Specifically, we want to live an intentionally mission-minded life – putting aside a certain amount of our income towards ministry here, staying in close contact with missionaries and ministries, and talking to others about what is happening on this side of the world and how they can be involved. Short-term this will involve sharing our experiences and the ministries we saw with the churches and individuals who have been following us this year. We don’t want our impact on Thailand to end with us going home. We can still do a lot of good from the other side of the ocean.

Less spiritually, I feel like I’ll embrace things about American culture more whole-heartedly. Living across the world makes you realize how important some things are to you. Especially going through the holidays. It makes you realize the value of tradition. And, it makes you realize that American culture is actually a culture. At home, I’ve often thought that if your family is more than a couple generations removed from immigrating to America, that you don’t really have a traditional culture to celebrate. But, we do. And when you’re living in a different culture, you realize it. :)

What’s your favorite family tradition?

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