Answers, Part 2

Answers, Part 2

Posted on 21. Jan, 2010 by in Missions, Thailand

Q: What would you say the greatest fruits of your ministry there have been?


In Bangkok, all the ministry that we do is definitely a team effort. There is no such thing as “our ministry” if you’re referring to only Jason & I. Rather, “our ministry” is the ministry of the entire church family. The greatest fruit is definitely seeing people from the university becoming Christians and thriving members of the church. When we can look back and remember the first time that person shyly approached us at English Clinic to practice conversation, and then see them worshiping at church and helping minister to others, we are extremely blessed. We know we’ve done our part to help that along, but other parts of the Body picked up where we couldn’t go any further.

And it is always a blessing to hear how well received Jason’s videos have been by the churches they have been shown in. It’s hard to quantify the fruit of that, but we trust that they will move peoples’ hearts to be involved in the ministry here in some way.

Q: Do you have a sense for how God is growing His church in Thailand? Is the Spirit moving more in certain people groups, age groups, or geographical areas of the country?


The biggest growth is definitely in the hill tribes.  The Holy Spirit is doing some really awesome things there.  And, it’s all through local pastors in the tribal language!  Pastors often have to care for more than one church to keep up with the growth. People groups still following animistic beliefs seem to have an easier time accepting the Gospel than those from the bigger religions.

College students are also a fruitful demographic.  Many students come to Bangkok from smaller hometowns.  They’re at the stage of life where they are less controlled by their parents, their minds are open to new things, and they are curious about different beliefs. Most of our church’s growth is college students.

What’s the most fruitful demographic at your church?

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