That Explains It!

That Explains It!

Posted on 04. Dec, 2009 by in Thailand

Last week as Jason and I were walking home from dinner, we ran into some of the girls from church.  One of the girls gave me a hug and said, “April smells good.”  So, Jason leaned over to see what I smelled like.  This resulted in a loud “EEEEEEEEEEEEE!” from the girls (you know that sound girls make when something is too romantic?).  We were a little taken aback.

We’ve had previous experience of people thinking we were “too sweet”- Jason kissed me on the cheek once and our friends freaked out.  Or even if we’re just sitting across the table from each other people will comment…  But the sniffing thing, still odd.

But, I have found out what the big deal was.  While flipping through Very Thai at Brook and Sara’s place, I read about the “Sniff Kiss”…

“So how do Thais express amour?  They sniff.  A light, quick inhalation, somewhere around the cheek, is the acme of endearment.  The hom kaem (sniff kiss) confirms both unconditional love to one’s child and understated passion between lovers…. Aside from the exalted, innocent hom kaem, what motivates lovers to sniff kiss is another matter.  The kissee’s spine tingles, hairs raise, knees weaken… It’s the Thai way to reach first base.”  -Very Thai

So that explains it!  :)

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  1. Kassie

    04. Dec, 2009

    I must be part Thai! I’m very sniffy. :) I sniff Tim all the time!! :)

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  2. Cherith

    06. Dec, 2009

    Did you guys get BJ’s email in response to this blog?? hahaha… Sorry J… He misses you :)

    And I don’t know if I would “sniff kiss”.. kiss on the cheek yes, but the combo?? But it IS really cute and sweet that you are getting such a response out of your love for each other. I bet it is so encouraging to them :) I’ve always adored the way you two are together!

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  3. Tina

    06. Dec, 2009

    This concept was part of Pastor Dton’s sermon yesterday, The Heart of a Father. His first point was about appropriate touch, i.e. showing affection to your children. During that part, he talked about the sniff kiss and the importance of that for children.

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