Monks in the Morning

Monks in the Morning

Posted on 07. Nov, 2009 by in Thai Culture, Thailand

After an overnight bus ride, we were waiting in the early morning at the bus station for our ride.  While waiting, a group of monks and novice monks were making their morning rounds of alms collecting.  Every morning monks leave their temples to collect alms- food, money and other donations.  From what I’ve heard, the food they collect is what they eat each day.

Thai Buddhism is all about making merit, so there are plenty of willing givers.

For some reason we don’t see them much on our street (maybe the temple isn’t that close, or maybe we’re just never up that early), so it was interesting to watch them in action.  They stopped by the snack shop in the station, received some food and money, and chanted to the owners.  We caught them at their second stop- with people from the ticket office.  Take a look:

Untitled from Jason Ruggles on Vimeo.

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