Two Years Ago…

Two Years Ago…

Posted on 20. Oct, 2009 by in Thailand

On October 20th, two years ago we…



What was your best day ever?

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5 Responses to “Two Years Ago…”

  1. Brook

    20. Oct, 2009

    Probably would have to be our wedding day in June of 2006…

    Congrats you guys! We wish you many happy, healthy, exciting years to come!

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  2. Brad Ruggles

    20. Oct, 2009

    Happy anniversary guys! You’re a great couple. Enjoy your anniversary in Thailand!!

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  3. Dad and Mom Ruggles

    21. Oct, 2009

    Congratulation on the most happiest day of your year.Hope you got our computer e-card.this is the first time we ever sent one.Love you both.

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  4. Mom Gridley

    22. Oct, 2009

    Ah, what memories of that wonderful day two years ago! I still have one stem of that greenery we used in the bouquets as a reminder – talk about vase life! The pictures you posted here are a good reminder, too, except that one of Paula totally cracks me up!

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  5. Aunt Rosemary

    28. Oct, 2009

    Happy 2nd anniversary!
    What a great memory to celebrate 2 years of marriage in Thailand.
    love you both,
    Uncle John & Aunt Rosemary

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