Koh Kret

Koh Kret

Posted on 12. Aug, 2009 by in Thai Culture, Thailand

Since we had a day off for Mother’s Day, Sucharn took us to another tourist destination near Bangkok: Koh Kret.

Koh Kret is a small island on a river north of Bangkok that is open for tourists on weekends and holidays.  It has many old-fashioned houses on the water and the people who live there work making traditional Thai crafts and desserts.  Most prominent was the pottery made on the island.  It was all over the place!  Apparently they’ve been making it there for a long time.  In one spot we saw a couple men digging a hole, and inside there was a lot of broken pottery that had been buried.  Broken pots were also used to line gardens and small canals.  The kilns they use for the pottery look nothing like the one in your art classroom.  They were huge and heated by fire.  Some of the pottery had very intricate patterns on it.  In one place we saw an impressive piece that was presented as a gift to the king several years ago.

One of the craziest things to me was the houses built up off the water along the edge of the island.  We stopped in several places to look at a particular shop, go to a restaurant or feed fish.  The houses were built up on stilts, and running between them were cement or wooden walkways also on stilts.  It was like a floating sidewalk.  We even saw people biking down these paths!

The day was filled with trying new foods, seeing traditional Thai ways of doing things, and enjoying the breeze on the river boat.  Enjoy the pictures!

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    12. Aug, 2009

    Great pictures handsome.

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    14. Aug, 2009


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