A Special Visitor

A Special Visitor

Posted on 13. Jul, 2009 by in Thailand

Although we had plenty of early mornings for English Camp, when it was over, we got up early again!  “Why?” you ask?  To pick up Nicolette from the airport!

For those of you who don’t know her, Nicolette is a dear friend of mine from college.  We roomed together our senior year, and then again once I returned from Korea.  She was also a very dedicated and helpful bridesmaid!  She has been living in India for the past 5 months, helping at a center of 500 girls.  Since Thailand is kinda on the way home, she decided to take a detour and hang out with us for a week!  I have really enjoyed having her around, catching up, and showing her everything we’ve learned about Thailand.

Our first stop was the beach.  We headed down to Hua Hin for a day of relaxation on the beach.  We slept in, swam in the ocean, saw millions of little crabs, I got stung by a little jelly, Jason rode a jet-ski, we checked out the night market, introduced Nicolette to Thai food, toured a palace, and swam in an enormous pool.  Once back in Bangkok, we’ve been dragging her all over the place, including the fun shabu/sushi restaurant at the mall. :)  From here on out it’s just us girls- Jason just left on a three day trip to take video of Pastor John’s ministry in the hill tribes (I’m sure he’ll have stories to share!).  Nicolette leaves Wednesday (which will be here too soon!) and before she leaves, we’ll get the grand tour of the Grand Palace with Sucharn.

Click HERE to see photos!

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