Our “Barnabas”

Our “Barnabas”

Posted on 16. Jun, 2009 by in Missions, Thailand

In the early church, there was a guy named Joseph.  But his friends didn’t call him that.  They called him “Barnabas,” which means “Son of encouragement.”  (Acts 4:36)


We have a family in our life who is our Barnabas, our encouragement. Tom and Nancy Hinton have encouraged us, prayed for us, supported us, pushed us along in our journey, and have been behind us the whole way.

Right after Tom knew that we were interested in doing missions work, they started connecting us with people who could help, and giving encouragement and guidance whenever needed. Tom and Nancy allowed us to move into the “mother-in-law” apartment off the side of their house. And being neighbors just meant more blessings from them. Living there allowed us to save up the money we would have otherwise spent on rent to prepare for Thailand. They were always ready to rejoice with us when we got another step closer to the mission field. Tom had the habit of introducing us to waitresses by telling them, “They’re missionaries to Thailand,” and just bragging on us in general.

And that’s what they’re all about. Getting behind missionaries, encouraging them, helping them fulfill God’s calling on their lives, and getting the word out about their ministry. That’s why they’ve created Barnabas Task– a ministry dedicated to encouraging and equipping missionaries and ministries.


One of the ministries they’re committed to helping is an orphanage in Thailand, preparing to build a building to get more kids off the street and away from trafficking. Next week we get to travel to Mae Sot to visit the missionaries there and put together a dvd about the ministry. We’re excited to see more of the country, and to use Jason’s gifts to help them raise awareness and money for the building.

Thank you again, Tom and Nancy, for what you’re doing to touch the world with God’s love! We are so blessed to have you in our lives!

Who has God used to help you do what you couldn’t do on your own?

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  1. Brad Ruggles

    16. Jun, 2009

    Interestingly enough, Tom & Nancy have also been our “Barnabas” to help encourage and support us.

    It is so important to have someone like that, a cheerleader in your life to cheer you on when you feel beat down. Someone in your corner when the going gets tough.

    We’re both blessed to know the Hintons and have them in our lives.

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  2. Nancy Hinton

    27. Jun, 2009

    We are not done cheering! So proud of you two. Praying for you daily. Keep your eyes focused on what God can do through you, not what you can do. Although you are both gifted and talented, it’s not about that. It’s God working through you that matters. Stay focused on the prize.
    Miss you when I visit the apartment and back my car out of the drive looking carefully for yours. :-) We humbly thank you for the kind words on your website.

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