On Campus Getting Campers

On Campus Getting Campers

Posted on 04. Jun, 2009 by in Missions, Thailand

Bright and early on Monday morning (we’re talking 5:30 am) we met up with a whole group of blue-shirt clad church members to go to the second campus of Ramkhamhaeng University on the other side of town. We loaded up the van and two pick-up trucks with what seemed to be a random assortment of things. It wasn’t until we got there and saw how things were being set up that we understood how they all fit together.

Fern and Alu setting up

Fern and Alu setting up

Monday was Freshman Orientation Day, so thousands of students were roaming the campus. While the main event was an orientation session, along the main roadways of the campus different groups had set up tarps, tents, balloons, signs, speakers, bands…. whatever they thought would grab attention and draw people to their group! We were no different.

We had a spot that we were assured was a prime location: on the corner of a high traffic area, and right next to the bathroom (which was great for traffic, but not so great for odor). We set up tarps and mats for people to sit on, small tables, signs promoting English Camp, picture boards of previous English Camps, and a Prom display. Once it was all set up it was very eye-catching. Still, we thought we would be drowned out by the two loud groups we were sandwiched between.

Leah playing 'Jenga' with students

Leah playing 'Jenga' with students

But, we went to it with energy and optimism. Basically, we would walk up to a group of students and say something in Thai like, “Do you want to learn English?” Seeing a “foreigner” speak Thai would often startle them and at least get a smile :) . Once we made eye-contact, then we’d try to ask in English if they spoke English, and if they seemed the least bit interested, we’d try to convince them to come to our booth to learn more about English Camp. After we led someone back to the booth, we’d leave them with a Thai to explain more about the camp and the club at the university, and go back for more.

Plenty of people were interested. Some spoke very good English, and others were very shy about speaking English. Others were happy to say “No” that they didn’t want to learn English. One thing that made our booth appealing to students wanting to learn English was the presence of native English speakers. Our lead missionary here described us as the “bait” while the Thais did the rest of the convincing and the paperwork.

The day was a huge success! Despite the smell and the heat, we had many students stick around to play games, sing songs, and practice their English. And by noon the next day, all the remaining openings for camp were full! This is a first for Our Home Chapel- in previous years the camp hasn’t gotten filled until the week before camp, and here we are a month away already full!

Students joining in with a song

Students joining in with a song

We look forward to seeing what God has in store at camp this July. Each year of camp, friendships are built and people are led to the Lord. Many of the church leaders came to Christ as a result of the camp. It is our biggest evangelistic outreach of the year. Please join us in praying for this event as it approaches. Pray that the students who are coming will have open hearts.

What are some creative ways that your church is reaching college students?


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    04. Jun, 2009

    That is so awesome! I’m glad God is just bringing people to you and making them interested!!!

    But I have to admit I would probably look at you confused too if you came up to me speaking Thai… hahaha… although I would truly have no idea what you said

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