Driving in Thailand

Driving in Thailand

Posted on 19. May, 2009 by in Thailand

The first thing I noticed when we arrived in Thailand is that they drive on the left side. Which is the case in many parts of the world, but it still throws you off at first.

The second thing is the color of taxis. Every one I’ve seen is a Toyota Corolla, and most of them look very new. I’m not sure if they exchanged the whole fleet at once, or what! But they come in all kinds of bright colors. The most numerous are bright pink. There are also orange ones, blue ones, purple ones, green ones, red ones, by-colored ones, and even a few yellow ones. :)

At this point the entire bridge was held up by the backhoe

At this point the entire bridge was held up by the backhoe

The way the streets are set up (main roads with small roads off the side that don’t connect through to anything), we often find ourselves passing our road, traveling several blocks, and then making a U-turn and coming back to our road. Before, we could have gotten off and just walked over the footbridge that went over the busy street. But it came down recently because of a big truck that crashed into it. So, unless we want to risk life and limb running across the street, we pay the little extra and spend the extra time in traffic to get home.

If you really want to get through traffic quickly in Bangkok, get on a motorbike. They’re everywhere, and they zip through traffic. When all the cars are backed up, the motorbikes just scoot between them to the front of the line. At every red light you’ll see a pack of motorbikes that have squeezed their way to the front, ready to dash off when the light changes. As you can imagine, every year there are many injuries and fatalities from this kind of driving. But apparently the benefits of getting places quicker outweigh the risk of injury.

traffic1And rain is no deterrent for motorbikes. Use an umbrella, put on a poncho, or even wear a head-to-toe rain suit! The best I’ve seen so far was a man in a shiny pink rain suit. :)

I can’t imagine driving a car in this city. But, being a status symbol, and the sure way to get where you want, plenty of people have them. Thus, plenty of traffic. Basically, you just learn ways to enjoy yourself while you’re stuck. That’s why one reason why it’s best to go places with friends- plenty of people to talk to while you’re waiting!

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