10 Ways to Beat the Heat

10 Ways to Beat the Heat

Posted on 10. May, 2009 by in language, Thailand

1. Take a cold shower.

Well, as cold as your water goes, anyway.
Cool may have to be good enough.

2. Use a fan

Electric, handheld, a piece of paper, anything to get a breeze on your sweaty face.

3. Find paths through large air-conditioned buildings.

Even on our short walk to the center, there is a building we can duck inside and walk part of the way if we’re desperate.

4. Visit 7Eleven every time you pass one.

Make sure you look at every item they have at least once 😉

5. Drink water.

And more water. Enough water to make you visit the restroom at least 3 times in one day. (ok… maybe that was too much information….)

6. Don’t try to get anywhere fast.

7. Take another cool shower.

8. Air Dry

Don’t dry off with a towel – stand in front of a fan, instead!  Ahhhhhh!

9. Eat/Drink cold things

Drink Thai iced tea, or iced coffee, or iced anything, or eat a popsicle. Do this sparingly, though…. if you put on extra weight, it will just make you hotter!

10. Use AC

Finally, when you really can’t stand it anymore and you wake up with vivid dreams of Hell, turn on the a/c. Not only does it make you comfortable, it also drowns out those roosters outside!

picture courtesy of the Opies

Songkran Festival- picture courtesy of the Opies

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  1. Dad and Mom Ruggles

    10. May, 2009

    The temperature here(in Indy area) on mothers day, at 11:15 a.m. is 54 deg.
    Can only imagine what the temp over there is. Think ice.

    Love you both

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  2. Sara Sarver

    11. May, 2009

    As for #4, I love the prepack shredded ham buns and the orange “jello” cups that have chunks in them, because the clerks give you a pointy fat straw to slurp it through! And… never EVER assume any kind of bun or roll is just bread. There is usually something lurking inside unseen. 😉

    And… I know this may sound contrary to all that is right and normal in the world, but eating spicy food will help cool you down, too! A trick my Thai housemate told me, because it will make you sweat, make you drink more cold water to counteract it, and make the heat around you feel not so bad! Good luck!

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