Weekend in Korea

Weekend in Korea

Posted on 02. May, 2009 by in food, Thai Culture

It has been so much fun to be in Korea again! The sounds, the sights, the tastes have all been a trip down memory lane. flowerssm

For those of you who may not know, three years ago at this time I was finishing up a year-long stint teaching English here in Korea. While there were plenty of trials during the year (especially being separated from Jason for that long), in the end the experience was totally worth it. If you’re interested in reading stories from my year in Korea, you can find them at aprilsadventures.blogspot.com (although many of the graphics no longer work).

During that year I made some good friends from a local Korean church. It has been so good seeing them again this weekend and catching up on the past few years! We are staying with one of those families. They live outside of the city in a very rural area. It’s a very peaceful place and it has been a great experience to live with a Korean family. We’ve been sleeping on the floor, eating kimchi and fish soup for breakfast, and watching nearby farmers plant rice. We’re enjoying real Korean life!103_4614

So much has changed in the small city where I lived. Huge new buildings and apartment complexes seem to have cropped up all over! I was especially saddened to see that the place where I used to jog past cute farm houses and gardens is now becoming high rise apartments. And buildings that haven’t been torn down have still changed. The building where I lived is totally remodeled and has become some sort of medical spa!

And of course we have been thoroughly enjoying the food :). While the Korean restaurants in Fort Wayne have good food, it is nothing compared to eating it here in Korea. I also learned that the taste of kimchi varies depending on what region of Korea you are from. I was used to the kimchi from Chungchungnam-do province, and it has been good to eat it again!

103_4548The language has been fun, too. I’ve been both surprised at what I remember and disappointed at what I’ve forgotten. While I can’t remember important things like all the numbers, I can easily understand random words like, “bag,” “blue,” or “It’s ok.”

I’ve been struck by how easy it has been to fit back into the culture here. I’m not surprised by what is different from American culture, and I instinctively remember to do things like taking my shoes off at the door or bowing to greet someone. Starting Monday evening, this will no longer be the case. We will have to learn a new culture from scratch. But this time in Korea has reminded me that no matter how difficult it is at first, after awhile we will figure it out and feel just as comfortable in Thailand as here in Korea.

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  1. Dad and Mom Ruggles

    03. May, 2009

    Glad to see that you are having a good time in Korea.I can just see you two with all your luggage tagging along behind you.Enjoyed seeing your pictures.
    Love you
    Mom and Dad

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  2. Brad Ruggles

    04. May, 2009

    Looks like you had an amazing time walking down memory lane. It has to be fun seeing old places and friends that hold great memories for you both.

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