God’s Work in Bangkok

God’s Work in Bangkok

Posted on 05. Feb, 2009 by in Missions, Thailand

While we certainly learn about Thailand from reading books, the most valuable information comes from people who live there, and work where we’ll be working.

Andy and Tina Opie

Andy and Tina Opie are a young couple that teach at the WorldBase (check out their blog HERE).  They have been so helpful in answering our questions over email, and I’m certain we will quickly become good friends once we’re there.  I’ve enjoyed reading their updates, especially when they share stories about the ministry happening in Thailand.  Here is one of those stories:

Ministry in the “Community”

Ole (a Thai woman) recently transitioned into leading the children’s ministry. Her heart for the children is infectious. She worked with the previous leader in serving the children from the slum community and goes with Tina on the Thursday afternoon trips to teach and train the children. Most of the children in the church’s ministry come from ‘the community’. Ole constantly looks for ways to be a blessing. She would save her money to take them to the local swimming pool or bake special treats for them on Sundays.

Ole’s burden and energy for the children only grew when she was given the time and focus to dedicate to serving this ministry. She opened a game time for the children on Saturday before and after they study English. She connected with a new Christian to go to the community and encourage the moms by just listening to them and talking about parenting issues.  One of these moms recently gave her heart to Jesus. Ole keeps wanting to do more to help the poor that God has given her.

Last week, she moved out of the center into a two-room house in the slum community. Let me paint the picture a little better. These are small houses squished together along a narrow pathway. Ole lives below another house and has a house behind her. She hoped to attract a friend to live with her for safety and companionship, but the prospect of living there was anything but attractive. She moved here to have greater opportunity to know and experience the life and culture of the kids she serves, and by doing so she can give more to them and reach them better for Christ. After only living there for a few days, she has already brought 2 new boys to church and has more interested. Ole really gets what it means to serve people where they are as she moved to Bangkok from the south of Thailand to study at university. Opportunities lay ahead for her, but she followed another path when she gave her life to Jesus after one of the English camps we did. Now she sacrifices what most consider comfortable to help raise the standard of living for an entire community of people.

This woman met Jesus at an English camp and is now touching the children of Bangkok with His love.  We get to be a part of that kind of ministry!  Something as simple as teaching English provides an opportunity to introduce people to Christ.  And those people can be immediately connected with the church there and learn to live for Him.  How exciting!

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  1. Dad

    11. Mar, 2009

    Great article. Went to their blog. Also good reading. I can see where they will be great friends and a brother and a sister in the lord.

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