Learning Thai – Part 3

Learning Thai – Part 3

Posted on 14. Jan, 2009 by in Thai Culture, Thailand

Not everything about the Thai language is working against us.  There are some aspects that are simpler!

First, Thai does not have any verb conjugations.  That was the most difficult part of Spanish.  Rather, you just understand the tense by the context, or from time words.  So instead of saying “I ran,” you’d say, “I run yesterday.”

Second, there is no “to be” verb used with adjectives.  Instead of “she is happy,” it’s simply, “she happy.”

Finally, there are no articles (a, an, the).  Which just makes things simpler.
So I guess once we get a hang of the tones and the vowel length, speaking Thai could be simple.  I’m still not sure about reading and writing, though!



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